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Tiffany Rings above bargain importers and exporters.Moreover

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HKTDC recommended trade website

June 30, 2010
recommended by some of the HKTDC trade website
FOB trade website – Selected trade b2b http://link.FOBShanghai.com < br />
and welfare may have been the emergence of further trade forum website duplication, but that is recommended by the HKTDC, the relative filtered, screening can save you some time, and customers to communicate.
Trade Directories – World
BioExchange Directory – an online directory of links to companies in life sciences industry
Buyer Guide Chem – provides contacts of worldwide suppliers of chemicals and chemical products, including US, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy, GB, China, India, Japan, Australia, and Africa
CTFA International Buyers uide (from the Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association)
Food and Beverage Equipment and Supplies

[2010-10-24] How to efficiently search the web client

October 24, 2010
1. Adjuvant use logic to find the word
larger plundered engines support the use of more complex logic to contain the word plunder defined, commonly used are: AND (and), OR (or), NOT (no, some ANDNOT) and NEAR (how close two words), perhaps they can make proper use of the results it is cut really, anything else, you can probably use the brackets plunder parting word combinations, such as http://www.liszt.con (Liszt) in (musicorjazz) andedu) not (“billmorrissey” orindiana).
2. cut to curb the use of quotation marks to find
correct assumption to find a phrase or more characters, the best recourse is to enclose them in double quotes, like many the results obtained at least, the most cutting indeed. For example, in plunder engine Search (query) box enter into the “searchengine”, which will be less than the input into the searchengine get better results. The preparation of the above does not assume any search results, you can probably try to swap double quotation marks.
3. restrict the use of addition and subtraction number
find much support in the plunder plundered engines word is preceded by a plus sign ( ) results in limited plunder must contain the words, with a minus sign (-) contains less than her inability to limit results plundered words.
4. a targeted selection of plunder
engine of plunder with the sub-engine queries to obtain the results often contain very different because their goals and vision growth to have a lot of substandard, like ejanews (http://www.dejanews.com) is the plunder of public engine for USENET, and Liszt (http://www.liszt.com) is for mailing lists, IRC and other plunder engine.
5. gradually refined method
plundered engine in accordance with the classification level layer address of the next to hit, which for some aspects of the query words not sure the material is very valid. Yahoo to various materials back to the class online tidy, very detailed, there are leisure and activities, entertainment, and medicine, the arts and humanities, much class, and there is a link to each category into subclasses into the lot after the dividend , layer by layer into the forward link, also more and more detailed classification, the policy is more and more away from your past. Because all the link mode, so up and convenient to use and complex, Needless to say I had it.
6. prepared in accordance with a request to select the query needs
assume moving rapidly to find relatively large number of related news, you can probably use the search engine plundered Table of Contents-style functions, such as the use of Yahoo (http://www.yahoo.com). Assumed to be a little more fragmented capital news, you can probably use a level to curb the Table of Contents to find. Assumed to find the news more popular, deserve the full text of plunder with larger engines to find, such as Altavista (http://www.altavista.digital.com/) or Hotbot (http://www.hotbot.com/).
expect details on the Internet is assumed to contain query results can look to some of the details of the title, can often add plundered the accuracy of the results, as much plunder engine have much to write letters to identify, therefore, assume that you are plundered names or place names and other aspects of the word, use their greatly deserve accurate way to write letters.
8. to manipulate the characteristics of the engine plundered Find
curb the plunder substandard engine has some common characteristics, they may make inquiries using the double-edged sword, like: If you want to know a the old things to a group than when the issue of the article, you can probably search box in the Dejanews input into the “~ g group name”, for example, “~ gcomp.lang.java.programmer”.
9. using multiple engines
plundered plundered engine is a multi-input into the first part of the word only can the engine may contain multiple queries plundered plundered agent acting website such as Searchspaniel (http://www.searchspaniel.com/) can perhaps also plundered more than 200 engines for query containment.
10. manipulating options define the query
more plunder at the present supply of the engine start more query options, people can manipulate these options may be nervous organs plundered more complicated way, curb cut does more queries, and query results can better control the flash.
Ruo foreign customers to find the material
1, an attempt to elucidate: to find the product manufacturer detailed material. Materials should be come cheap power giant manufacturer official website.
2, set the search path: ⑴ classified sites plundered, ⑵ WEB plunder, ⑶ Yellow Pages plundered
3, selection of plunder engine: LOOKSMART, GOOGLE, YAHOO
< br /> 4, and convert part of certain words: eg: Electric toys – Electricallyoperatedtoy, factory – factory, the manufacturer – Manufacturer produced – Manufacturing, the company – company
5, in the plunder engine test inspection, correction and certainly part of the word.
6, set up search queries, search and selection results.
① “Electricallyoperatedtoycompany”
② “Electricallyoperatedtoyfactory”
③ “ElectricallyoperatedtoyManufacturing”
④ “ElectricallyoperatedtoyManufacturer”
⑤ “” batteryoperatedtoy “factoryORcompanyORManufacturin g” (you can probably divide into three complex search queries)
(Note: entered into the Chinese without the quotation marks when)
DIRECTORY in LOOKSMART the results are retrieved, YAHOO
no results in both search results in the WEB GOOGLE
also may use ⑥ “ToyCompanyElectricallyoperatedtoy”, then ⑦ “” ToyCompany “Electricallyoperatedtoy” or ⑧ “” ToyCompany “Battery-OperatedToy” expanding and shrinking inspection check.
also may use the Boolean NOT ⑨ “” ToyCompany “-manual” reduced inspection.
7, such as: use of “Electricallyoperatedtoycompany”
in GOOGLE WEB search results in the first is “AntiqueToyCompanyInfomation” http://www.antiquetoys.com/companies . html), a display of toy companies by alphabetical list, and so, then the title company as part of the word plunder in GOOGLE and other engines to get the detailed information of a company. Such as search “AcmeToyWorks”, a “AcmeHomePage” http://www.acmetoycompany.com/), there is a world with detailed address, German law wind, Fax, E-MAIL and other news.
Another example: use “” batteryoperatedtoy “factoryTELORE-MAIL” relevant information can be found perhaps indirectly, the results of the first is “ToyFactoryManufacturerManufacturing-B2BDirectoryCh ina, Taiwan” http://www.manufacturers .com.tw / …actorys-taiwan. html), Taiwan toy factories Table of Contents
8, with foreign yellowpage find (something related to yellow pages and search preparation, please refer to the related materials)
9, manipulation of the Products plundered engine to find business leads from a product point of view
10, such as restrictions on a country or region to find related news, the best use of site: plundered grammar, “site: domain name suffix link word. ”
such as: ⑩ “site: USsite: usElectricallyoperatedtoycompany”, about 111 for site: usElectricallyoperatedtoycompany query results.
find foreign “Customer Materials” with the way much of the preparation, selecting the right part is the part of the word, precise tissue retrieval type, choose the engine of plunder and control the preparation of accurate retrieval.
as safe and efficient online plundered customers (2)
can probably supply foreign customers free of charge web site materials: www.hkenterprise.com
more more:
http://wwwinfo.net.cn/rel/, ETO fragmented e-commerce opportunity to find customers

new establishment section Class: plundered engine
preparation 1: Importers
dominated the preparation of the preparation: in Google entered into the product title importers.
example: MP3player importers
Tips: You can use the importer may be replaced importers
also perhaps in the sub-country in the GOOGLE search. Example. WWW.GOOGLE.COM.UKWWW.GOOGLE.COM.CA
part of the preparation of two quotes on the word
dominated establishment: plundered “the product title importer” may, “the title product importers “in the key input into the way forward will be quoted. preparation 3Distributor

dominated the preparation of the preparation: plunder product title Distributor
4 other types of policy clients prepare plundered
control preparation: product title other types of customers (in addition to the relevant policy terms of customers importer, distributor, also includes buyer, company, wholesaler, retailer, supplier, vendor and its singular way.
preparation 5Price preparation < br />
dominated establishment: the title of plunder Price products prepared 6buy

dominated the preparation of the preparation: the title of plunder buy products prepared
7 limit the preparation of country title
control preparation: prepared in the following six kinds of fundamental limitations on the added title of kingdom prepared 8
Contact Contact Products Act
control preparation: Contact Contact Product Product title title
preparation 9marketresearch preparation
dominated establishment: product title marketresearch
buyers prepare 10 well-known method
dominated establishment: product title your industry well-known buyers of the company which may be referred to the preparation of full name
11 confessions look plundered the right engine
dominated by the preparation: after the title of the product plunder, plunder confiscated the right of confession results
12 looking for the preparation of the exhibition industry website
Note: when the title achievements, department tips omitted
Some dropped into the preparation of financial resources to departments, and for those of us SMEs, can perhaps from free into the hand, step by step to grow.
< br /> ToPurchaseManager
DateWednesday, June8, 2005
Time10: 30GMT
IgotyournameandaddressfromInternetandknewyouareone ofthelargestimportersinwirefence, whichiswithinthesc opeofourbusiness.
Takethisopportunity, weintroducemyfactory, asoneofth ebiggestmanufacturesofwirefenceinHebeiprovince, main lyfenceproducts.WeexportlargequantitytoUSAandAsianc ountries, dealtohighqualityandreasonableprice.Wearer eadytoreferyouourfavourablepriceandrelativesamples, forqualityevaluationandmarketingactivities.
Shouldyouhaveinterestofitemsmentionedabove? Kindlyl etusknowbyreturnmail.Forgettingallthedetailedinform ation, youareinvitedtovisitourwebsite: http:
also may enter into title company to search…. much we can see the company website, but do not see the contact preparation of the title. ah very complex and PASTEOK the indirect COPY. with Google.yahoo.msn. At the same time search…. is to take a point time, but is can be found to the ordinary. You can also search may be manipulated to SKYPE. preparation is the same oh…
second primary plundered the preparation of the engine 13
the preparation of primary plundered title
control preparation: use google primary function of Allintitle function plunder, plunder each of these objectives link the word
general, the preparation of the 12 described later After the preparation of the use of title, the results can perhaps enhance the accuracy and relevance of information buyers.
to find a connection to the preparation of 14 major clients web site dominated by the preparation of
: use google to find a large customer site connections
Find out with this preparation into the secondary pages have the following environment: This page has the client confession, Paul held the page of the client, the talk page to the customer
15 looking for a reference to the preparation of a large customer site web
control preparation: The preparation of the same, but the customer site to find the referenced page, not even into the
page website includes the preparation of 16 major clients, company name
control preparation: use google plundered primary function of input into the major clients, title, position in the font selection “page of the website”
plundered prepared more than 17 kinds of language preparation
dominated establishment: plundered part of the word written in other words the preparation of 18

professional documentation
plundered engine also supply identical PPT, PDF, word, excel document the primary function of plunder.
The third class professional website compiled 19
Website Table of Contents establishment < br />
emphasis on preaching in the collection companies often will I have my land to YAHOO and DMOZ.org two of the world most famous site Table of Contents in the preparation of 20
Companies website
prepared a number of specially supply buyers worldwide list of companies and websites. www.Kompass.com and www.tgrnet.com the most well-known and praised by the market prepared
21 export List of providers and distributors site preparation
one can perhaps ask my colleagues, industry partners insurance quote, it can also perhaps through the Internet to check where the establishment of insurance quote are: plunder importersdirectory and distributorsdirectory

preparation of 22 industry site preparation
to YAHOO, GOOGLE and DMOZ Table of Contents to find the corresponding industry
use GOOGLE in the title of the primary results plunder plunder, plunder the industry title industry (net, online, portal)
use GOOGLE search engine, plundered the site of a famous anti-industry connections, general terms, will find much to other industry websites
23 analysis prepared commerce website preparation prepared
Find 24 yellow
preparation class authorities and institutions like the fourth site
25 Department of Commerce prepared to buy the world home network
Here Chinese Chinese Ministry of Commerce SUPPLIERS: http:win.mofcom.gov.cn
Ministry of Commerce of the preparation of 26 institutions abroad
< br /> imported into the preparation of 27 chambers of commerce association will
who compiled 28 national industry associations
in the title industry plunder plundered engine Association
first five other preparation
preparation industry giant Channel 29
preparation 30: Alexa articles
things you learned a lot industry websites, business website Perhaps other types of news websites, you can probably go through ALEXA traffic inspection on these sites regardless of rank, such as security
plundered efficient online customer (3)
how to find their customers? (consultation)
see my previous turn of the master who trade category A website is also a sense of joy preferences. so he turned a best of my carefully chosen by the top B2B station to the master. hope to see you can probably get giants will.
I have carefully chosen, one can perhaps get exercise, and did not merit has elbow grease, free supply should be masters of,
this moment the cattle, the most famous, to do foreign trade, who do not know MIC ah. end nothing more than Britain previous revision, if not so hostile to the free membership, the ability to add products to a week for approval, the rich pay to register a membership to. value!
http://www.tradeKey . com
to it than a cattle station, the Saudis opened, exercise more than one N, at the moment Registered members do not give free hair products. nothing more than, probably exceptions, assuming you are, You hit the jackpot. other members of the site released a free product, fails to update, fails to remove, only 20 TRADEOFFER, you delete, it is one less
http : / / www.Cnties.com
unified people with TRADEKEY station is open, I also realized that, and you do not to register so what?
http:/ / www.importers.com/
Americans opened the station, European high traffic, you can probably free registration ID
nothing more than hope: the user free of charge in January can only send 10 to find disc. for free, it not a good
exception is Taiwan open Company, Taiwan exercise single lot, you want to do the business of the people of Taiwan, this station must be added to
This Station registration is difficult to go through ah, I registered N days. I do not go through, nothing more than really good points
India stand, Indians accounted for 70%, masters figure it out.
two good product exporters plundered engine
business mobilization station: http:/ / www.dragon-guide.net/
looks very good on Zhuantie, thank the original author Sourcing Network trademarkli
The following is confession time, not preference hoped that would not read!
here at the moment I can check at home and perhaps great masters of free buyer news, the great masters can perhaps landing from the World Trade Wenzhou, and then enter into the WTO forum, business data into pages, to the world buyers in the message list, I will reply as soon as possible.
Wenzhou World Trade Organization website: www.86577.biz assumed not to enter, the mirror site is http://www.008618.com
< br /> Of course, because infinite energy, one can only check 1 to 3, a lot of understanding.
assume you need a large number of data queries, do not make life difficult for me,

I am here next to http://www.008618.com/download.aspx 170M 2005 international buyers database, free download, fixed flat bumps, because it is the commercial site, so the results of the query to the German law is no wind number ~
no more than, hey. no wind GOULD number, but not free access, then the barriers of web site, you now know how to do it? Are you afraid of finding out with the German website wind law number?
I am not like everyone else waiting to receive your money, that is free is free, I go to download, you can probably use a free news, of course, nothing more convenient for free.
often asked where to see some free companion Web site, and would like to share about my publishing experience, hope you have assisted.
I set free site search In the following, all other are discarded out:
from the registration date, has received 35 inquiry, a total of like 10 people send results reasonably well.
techniques: multi-register two numbers on my product to contain classified each have published a sub-account of the range of products, we divided the time in the sub- released within the product, when the control in the morning and down the gauntlet 2:00-3:00 9:00-10:00 This is a golden time.
have registered 20 days, received a total of Inquiry 4, send a sample. high customer value is worth exploring.
skills: selecting the right part of the word, the product scanning technique to be very little cutting, meaning preferably attached to your building costs; have a picture in order to increase the absorption of the servant
has registered three months old, servant Inquiry 30, contact 10, is not sent over the actual sample.
Tip: Because each provider can query the registration five acquisition news, showing e-mail address.
initiative to throw away the account after the query, from the beginning register, the query from scratch, such as expectations, our opportunity is unlimited without finding out what you want .
Po has been registered with more than a month, received a total of 10 inquiry, many from the UK, U.S., has not been sent actual sample results compared with.
skills: demand is not infix to update product Needless updated daily, updated every five days to build meaning.
I managers trade status Therefore, there is contact with Alibaba, the media and global capital and other long three at home and pursue a secondary media. now talk about a small infection and appreciate my feelings, my views are purely small, hope to see masters share, in the selection of media can pursue at home and Perhaps there is a reference also hope to see the text there was a lot of people blame the premises related to understanding.
1, Alexa site ranking:
Alexa is a foreign third party to collect traffic regardless of platform. July 25, 2006 Even the ranking of the above three media plunder are as follows: Alibaba (www.alibaba.com:Ranking:30), Dragon Media (www.globalmarket.com:Ranking:15671), the world capital ( www.globalsources.com:Ranking:1689). according to the data point of view, the selection of Alibaba is no doubt, the ideal amount of reading is the first to collect too much, but there is hope to see great masters of environmental hope, is in Alibaba The site, read the Chinese website reached 79%, while the other page contains the proportion of English web pages are not over 10 percent, while global capital to the English site to read volume reached 46% global market because of focus on the inside and market, he read the English pages of the volume has reached 92%.
2., offer
In fact, the title of relatively slow achievement, but also masters the most caring, but My company worked with the media two years ago and the dragon once touched infected analysis offer up that global capital is the most expensive, as the first co-fire tests with tests for I can not find them, do not know that the media in the complete Can I have the right products. Alibaba offer more ambition, but follow-up to my customers Commissioner infection is not feeling well, but also the amount of thinking to the site to read the title of performance, at the moment there is no selection. selected media is because the costs relatively long moderate, customer follow-up and the Commissioner also issued a strong sell in order to close, to show things that are advocating for the more appropriate secondary boss that I need to see the results of the effort, so long at the moment selected media, but is assumed to give me a selection opportunity, I would not pick the dragon media, because the channel is too narrow and lead to the results of title success, we work for a year not even a single negotiated.
3, work

Here we have to mention the world capital, members of his suspension from this company before I had been talking to our company, to now been almost 5 years from Fanghua gorgeous girl to marry children are constantly not discard almost a month to once every time the news of our company is associated with the labels carefully marked out, but continue to suffer from the price failed to agree.
no different to give Alibaba mention the view, Ali Baba and the contacts I have for three years, almost every time to the closure member is not a unified ego, so I have here in the closure member of Alibaba card, crossed the 10. to the bar not doing homework, even the most basic to the elders had done the notes and customer information should appreciate it! but still every time I come to, and the closure member from the beginning of a new body of our company past, current situation, the subject of future goals, products, etc., etc. etc. …….. the price is okay you, but if the customer management deserve hope piecemeal improvements and closure member of invariance title success.
long will the media business who are very and marketing people, to people who are first and you do mate, and then gradually absorbed in the work to give you ideas and other perfusion, and can probably raise the price proposed, follow-up work can perhaps, the idea of ??the magazine may be the customer can three points several times and then channeling the request is also not complain, which is now the media selection of dragon notice, but the company is still young, the channel is not a good global capital, capital is not alibaba large, the results of the current face of the ordinary.
4, professionalism and character
In fact, these above are talking about, here sum up: Alibaba – China most professional business platform, the channel is very good, minor through collected in recent years is also attached great importance to the preaching in the domestic, the domestic customer the amount of reading is gradually progressive. things varied, including software and information in the other two media is no way to break through today performance, but for the advocacy and Chinese suppliers relatively large proportion of investment, hope you can probably increase the site or in the domestic advocacy work, absorbing more of the home and buyers is the most minor.
global capital – annals long time, strength , domestic well-known degree, it is appropriate to use the strength of the company Global Capital has a stagnation in the domestic premises, and a lot to help at home and marketing experts who appreciate the domestic market was very, you know Ruo to pursue product and marketing chain to do well, there is a secondary collection through magazines and direct mail VIP buyers (home and sell their magazine very expensive) in recent years, the exhibition also intervene to pursue, but the high cost of error is the fallacy, and not was proposed to raise. just beginning to use on small and medium enterprises challenging.
Dragon Media – match according to the younger, but there are a bunch of very motivated young people, to show the magazine distributed free of charge trick for the secondary absorption inside and buyers bear fruit relatively quickly, the investment is definitely less. landing stage belonging to the enterprise, in the lighting and hardware industry is doing very well, with the inevitable customer group.
as An efficient online plundered customers (4)
department of foreign business forum website
looking for the preparation of their client particular invalid master
all know about ordinary After some of their customers is to find B2B websites, but most of the money demand registration, and the result is not good! I feel the preparation is the most invalid free after registration of some foreign websites added to its import into the forum, or business forum, leave my contact prepared indirectly in the forum to find my clients! Here are some I have registered foreign free forum website:
http://forum.mrswing.com/http://www.mwtf. org.uk
http://www.chandigarhcity.com/bbs please a lot of great masters of the exchange effective website experience to share my point liangjian_8@hotmail.com
a re-dedication at the present I am feeling the best forum site infection
a re-dedication of infection at the present I am feeling the best forum site: http://www.learncurrencytrading.com/fxforum
Foreign Trade After looking for customers who collect 9 Daya law
we want to go through to find the hidden collection of customers, way much!
one, after large-scale plunder engines such as: google, yahoo , excite, kellyseach, etc., with part of the word plunder;
this small town my people, I will not say. Do not plunder a flow engine, unusual aspects of the word, the plunder engine found in the sub- have substandard results. There is a local sub-country plundered engine, just like Chinese plundered engines BAIDU, or you can try to find some English, many native country plundered engine, and then link the word plunder. hope that part of the word : Just testing you would rather test some aspects of the word, would deliberately think of the harvest. Moreover, as many will help you link the word to appreciate once you link the word familiar, the current title of your turns to make ends meet in results, only around a computer, you can probably do much processing, such as using part of the word “posttradeofferfree”, you can probably find almost everything the world can publish product information may be free of B2B websites. Another example is to use part of the word. ” Buy product title “You can probably see much to Buy this product site.
insurance quote foreign website:
http://www.bigbook.com/ < br />
Second, find the industry trade network;
almost every industry, every industry Web site, you will use part of the word plunder. such as certain professional network, certain trade associations (English words as possible multi-part test). found, the ordinary member will be in line to see a list of these, the amount must be great news. there is in these professional networks and industry associations have much on the website links, and very effective ah Simply make you think of the business to make money, just you are not afraid of trouble, the more you try.
Third, you can probably find a policy the country (maybe world) Yellow Pages web site ( YELLOWPAGE) and the Business Table of Contents (DIRECTORY);
This is much ah, and then manipulate them properly.
four, and more into some foreign business forum;
to the foreign forum as we often like some foreign business forum Oh! you know? do not know! that give you a few addresses it, I go down to get some. Yi baby first tell you a few 1, http : / / www.learncurrencytrading.com/fxforum/2, http://forum.mrswing.com/log.php3, http://www.mwtf.org.uk/4, http://www.chandigarhcity.com / bbs5, http://www.indiabook.com6, http://www.tag-board.com/7, http://www.ezboard.com/8, http://www.mymessageboard.com/) I rely on you a ….
five, check the wind GOULD country policy reference desk (like our 114);
like: Germany, Hong Kong under investigation Wind inquiry of the law (like our 114), you would speak Cantonese or English law of wind hit the German past, ah. Mind about starting it, to find there is much preparation.
six, Economic Counsellor at the Embassy website, there is much treasure to hide;
But when it comes Embassy Economic Counsellor Office, the great masters just think of China in a country, The Economic Counsellor, Embassy of the Kingdom Department also has an unusual task, why not check the Embassy of Japan in the world economic counselor at the U.S. embassy in the world economic counselor at it? Perhaps you will find harvest.
gold closure member 16 to find the customer — reduce customer type (grass handsome tidy produced)
1. Open up your contacts, through partners to find customers.
2. Fair to find customers
3. B2B
4. Yellow Pages
5. Manipulate the good news of the professional acting business directory Kompass

Thomas D

Mobile Beauty posted a few foreign customers, the essence of diamond search summary (vomiting blood collection)

July 26, 2011
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Mobile Beauty posted a few foreign customers, the essence of diamond search summary (vomiting blood collection)
2011-07-26 14:54:05Category: Default CategoryTags:font size medium and small Subscribe to 1 limit of a country or region to find coherent information that site: the domain name suffix hub
words such as SITE: USA
This method can prevent much You do not have a national website, precise positioning of the national search to your information
2. bedrock on the choice of sites in category 1
such as SITE: USA. org < br />
was chosen to write. org is a stuff I want to point out, much to the association website. org at the end, in this web site, the big departments have
3g mobile movie b life piecemeal search room microblogging Android phone line on the client (2011-5-19 9:59:47) [ sent to the micro-Bo] to encroach on members (ie company)
detailed information contains the name, company website link, contact, or mail, to focus on to clarify that these are individual mailboxes and contacts is the charge level or the president character.
Waiting times, you find a good association, membership information below it, enough to send you e-mail a month.
application methods: entry into the Association website, the individual is looking for members (roster or directory), or the manufacturer of such.
3. For links to foreign sites.
like we have much in the rest of FOB coherent sites. In the foreign site, you need to look for “links” of the word. Like an air conditioning company website, if LINKS, individual company Web site contains a coherent co-operation, coherence Association website ,……. Do not neglect the content of it over and over again to bring you much surprise.
4. target GOOGLE search,
is the assumption that you have got to have a product you have is their counterparts in the company name, copy it to the search bar, click search, The following will show a lot of the company or shop would encroach on the B2B or association, through these, you can find more of your products have similar foreign companies
5. the last one is the other people say rotten “hub words buyer or importer” in the yellow pages, search engines, or other search tools in all applications
These are collectively considered to be more comprehensive search method, and the rest is common ground Xiao Yi, that analogy, said the following about search engine choice
1. search engine choices 1) www.google.com English interface to search by home iron palm, very inconvenient.
2. www.alltheweb.com can search by region, for those who do not know the name of the country area is useful, but also the pattern of the pattern is defined as html, so it can progress to open the efficiency. However, for Asia is not good, because the search to much of China B2B websites, initiatives and google, yahoo with the application.
3.search.yahoo.com said MSN SEARCH and live search is also good.
These are a few minor search engines, say some of the links below for more details of the engine some of the methods of operation
1. Some customer sites, no email address, as long as a feedback form allows you to fill in, you can use the following method to find a valid E-mail client (in www.craftcn.com example) in google output “craftcn.com email” ending search, the result can be beheld in the lot on the continuity, not open, hope there are e-mail address, can be pasted, and if the results of more than 100 links, do not send, and search about: craftcn.com president have not looked at the results, not even the. Go back to the form filled in just fine.
2. google image search method of entry into the English google, click the image, and then output the product name in the address bar, it will go much pictures, if pictures and their products, then determine the following URL is not the company website, the company was  Paste the URL address bar of internet open letter.
3. google search initiative, ending a search before the initiative to change the preference to 100 results per page fireworks network www.yhbz.roboo.com. Like this can be beheld as a result, if a 10, it can only beheld 1000 results.
4. multilingual search, with the other towns in GOOGEL language version of the language search, like Japan, ending with the Japanese in the GOOGLE search.
5 hub of the word choice to you two links can be the hub of the word you know how to put outside the front looked, https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExter nal to analyze words into their hub hub ranking and other word is good or bad!
6. B2B application methods: Individual B2B website following client even though you was not much attention, but I think there is still a looked necessary, and announced a month is necessary for looked like, look for trade lead, find the customer company name, and then into the google search inside the company web site, find the mailbox. To register SUPPLIERS, registered as a full member, at no cost, but government-run, 150 a month to check the world buyers, the following is simply an empty most users.
7. Yellow Pages Yellow Pages application to the European example, the initiatives do not send the following e-mail, go to the company web site find the mailbox, though time-consuming and troublesome, but can progress bounce because the mailbox has changed much it, and there is much below the extension of national companies, like China, are: co., ltd, the United States, llc, etc., these are for the following search methods to prepare for. 9. Suffix search methods, the suffix of each country name into the google search bar, then search with the product name, like: llc rubber sheet, a search, there will be much the company Web site, and then be found by E-mail.
Second, there is some collective way to sum up into:
1: Importers method
output product name in Google importers.
can replace with the importer importers
2: quotes on the word hub
search “Product Name importer” or “Product Name importers”, in type the quotation marks with the output.
3 istributor method
search product name Distributor
4: other types of target customers search
Product Name The remaining customer types (coherent target words in addition to importer, distributor, it also contains a buyer, company, wholesaler, retailer, supplier, vendor and complex patterns.
5: Price method
search Price Product Name
6: buy method
search buy Name
7: name of the country limit method
6 Ways to later withdraw from the country name on the bedrock limits
8: link between the product method
Product Name link between the product name

9: market research methods
Product Name market research
10: buyer known method
Product Name your industry ** ** Pa  Qigongkangxian industry tomb  Ping Yang Jiong sick sipping ?
11: police hope the right search engine advertising search products
name, check the right side of search results Advertising
12: Preferred Industry Shop view site
To Purchase Manager
Date Wednesday, June 8, 2005
Time 10:30 GMT
Dear Sirs:
I got your name and address from Internet and knew you are one of the largest importers in wire fence, which is within the scope of our business.
Take this opportunity, we introduce my factory, as one of the biggest manufactures of wire fence in Hebei province, mainly fence products. We export large quantity to USA and Asian countries, deal to high quality and reasonable price. We are ready to refer you our favourable price and relative samples, for quality evaluation and marketing activities.
Should you have interest of items mentioned above compulsory Kindly let us know by return mail. For getting all the detailed information, you are invited to visit our web site: http:
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Best regards.
Sincerely, Looking for your reply
Manager of Sales Department
advanced search engine
13: Advanced search title method
application google advanced search function Allintitle function, search the name of the target hub each word
14: looking for consistency Web pages to large customers
google to find a large customer site application continuity
this method to find the connection into the network should be above Page status: This page has the client ads, the page is recommended that customers talk about the page to the client
15: looking for big clients to invoke web site
with the above method, only to find that Web page to invoke the customer, not even into the page
16: Web site contains a large client company name
application google advanced search function, the output of large customers name, position in the font choice “website address” search
17: multilingual search method
the rest of the word written in the language hub
18: Amateur document method < br />
search engine also provides similar PPT, PDF, word, excel documents advanced search function.
amateur sites like
19: Web directory method < br />
attention on the network to promote their own company over and over again to put their land to YAHOO and DMOZ.org both the world most famous site directory
20: Business Directory Website method
globe to provide buyers with some specialized network www.fushiw.roboo.com List of Chinese clothing companies and websites  www.Kompass.com and www.tgrnet.com the most famous and praised by the market < br />
21: List of importers and distributors methods
site search importers directory and distributors directory
Method 22: Method
industry website
to YAHOO, GOOGLE and DMOZ directory to find the corresponding industry
application of advanced search in the GOOGLE search for the subject of wireless search, search industry names industry (net, online, portal)

applications GOOGLE search engine to find a coherent and well-known anti-industry Web site, you will find much to the rest of the industry Web site
23: General-commerce website method
24: Yellow Pages Find ways
government and institutions like site
25: Ministry of Commerce SUPPLIERS
Chinese Ministry of Commerce of China World Importers Net: http / /: win.mofcom.gov.cn
26: Ministry of Commerce, overseas institutions
27: Association of imports into those chambers of commerce will
28 : National Association
search in the search engine industry names Association
other way
29: giant channels
30: Alexa tool articles
When you learn a lot industry website  commercial website or other type of Web site information to these sites by ALEXA traffic rank test to calculate the

ALEXA website also gives a similar site that is accessed from a statistical point of view to find a site large deviations which were also a few sites 
much countries buy homes are scattered with some public mailbox, such as India, rediff.com
that time we will be able to tag along with mouse and you are looking for trade names written GOOGLE. COM search bar. lucky you will find much to buyers, less can also have one or two examples: like I looking for buyers of mobile phones in India, will be able to this: in GOOGLE. COM output @ rediff.com mobile. can the
2, there is no goods are brand-name enterprises, in particular, five hundred, this time you can search out his Distributor or Dealer, etc., or individual five hundred brand-name companies will put their world points dealer written on their website. then we can sit back and enjoy the.
3, individual buyers will be registered in some business network, when his company name or email out GOOGLE. He will go to those individual websites registered in the Open which network, so you also found much to big fish waiting for you..
4, each individual will have a foreign country known search engine, which is language to describe the countries you want to search the product you are selling the word, and then output a search you will find much to big buyers such as German Fireball.de.
5, the company name of each country individually not the same suffix, such as China habits are Co., LTD would be used to find the rest of what had family, such as the United States habits INC; LLC, etc., the Italian habit of SRL; Spain SPA and then used the product name, or product names belong to which large areas lost in, will show flashes of individual customers.
public mailbox lot, I think we rely on themselves more of a summary. by the people of a few tips that he can reach out to him wide.
said several foreign customers rarely used.
India @ vsnl.com
Pakistan @ cyber.net.pk
Oman @ omantel.net.om
Italy @ libero.it
South Africa @ webmail.co.za
New Zealand @ xtra.co.nz
Singapore @ pacific.net.sg
the most rarely used of course it is still @ yahoo.com
@ hotmail.com
@ aol.com
@ gmail.com
much much we really need to expand , others provide a common sense direction
6, raided the shop of the industry will, of course, we all know that. Here I am referring to is not very well known shop will, because we all know the well-known, all try to steal a To search regional, such as famous in Europe, but did not affect the world, this shop would have much to big buyers. is to output the name of the product categories, plus the show, or fair. the words. find their website, the individual will have a shop list, indirectly and then copy the twist cut google to find the mailbox, and some even put up their own mail, and will save a lot of power.

farewell we replace communication, common sense is used to share, wisdom is never limited, and timid than others, you are the embodiment of arrogance, so I hope people on this platform, contribute more, so will get more.
Then the question:
7, national yellow pages business network, but we all know this.. hub to pick quality. much garbage Yellow Pages, much summarize the contents of such lists a bunch of comrades  always, good and bad are, and some even bother to open the site  is in this I wrote a few very good, some of the confidence we all know, but the method is a cycle of applications, like in the Yellow Pages to find a customer, you have to spend a few ways I say, put the company name in the GOOGLE search will go in surprise.
a: http://www.yellowpages.biz.pk/ very good Pakistan Yellow Pages, there is the customer. opened point business catalogue, after the output into the product name into the search. will go much customers, these customers to a patient a Click to inquire, there is much to have a mailbox of course, the mailbox can not put their company name out in the GOOGLE search.
b: www.yellowpages.com.au
Let me talk about two, after a **** about Oh Song Yan Ming  hit Badger evening bag  Xian Mei Ren stack divine hammer  beetles also comfort muscle?
8, to continue that pro-test engine < br />
focus on two: 1) www.kellysearch.com
2) www.kompass.com
Most of these are expected to know, inside the enough to find a few customers while the
a: www.yell.com good yellow
b: www.hispavista.com Spain engine
c : www.arabo.com Arabia engine
d: www.eniro.se Swedish engine
e: www.superpages.com radiation department to focus on the U.S. national engine
f: www.goldenpages.be Belgium
website as long as some customers did not mail the form is submitted, it does not matter, the application of google you can still find the customer mailbox. For example, the customer website is: http://www.craftcn.com, as long as the output www.craftcn.com email. Some will go, if not, then put the WWW throw away with. Craftcn.com email search, because sometimes very strange, with my experience there is no www. found the stuff more.
it is much more we use more live, he can come up with much to. Continuously applied.
9, I talk about the secondary hub words, a product can be applied to much hub of the word, I do like the product is PROJECTOR, he belongs to AV series and can also be classified as Ming ELECTRONICS HOME CINEMA or HOME THEATRE hub you use a different search term into the lot will be able to wait until these different companies  running out soon with a difference, then applying said before, the hub of the word followed by the company suffix such as. China is CO., LTD, GMBH of Germany is so, you also can find more than N. Or write wordy av.com because the industry is much companies are accustomed to using AV. COM at the end of doing site, and then will find more than N contains AV.COM company 
Email marketing is an important cause of network marketing department, as the initial stage of business, Email marketing is an important match, but there are good many foreign friends complained, could not find a valid target mailbox. **** Under the wild flood of fresh oil  account  drop capsule indistinct 〦 mail search skills and experience to share some of their own trade in, we want to help.
Customer Email search tips:
1. search engine choice
Although it is nonsense, but still look to the column:
1) www.google.com English interface to search by home iron palm, very inconvenient.
2) www.alltheweb.com can search by region, for those who do not know the name of the country area is useful, but also the pattern of the pattern is defined as html, so it can progress to open the efficiency. However, for Asia is not good, because the search to much of China B2B websites, initiatives and google, yahoo with the application.
3) search.yahoo.com
these is a secondary use. The other is said to MSN SEARCH and live search is also good, nothing but never used.
2. Some customer sites, not e-mail address, as long as you fill in a feedback form, you can use the following method to find a valid E-mail client (in www.craftcn.com example)

in google output “craftcn.com email” ending search, the result can be beheld in the much consistency, do not open, look there are e-mail address, can be pasted, and if the results of more than 100 links, do not made to search about: craftcn.com president looked at there results, not even the. Go back to the form filled in just fine.
3. google image search methods
into English into google, click the image, and then output the product name in the address bar, it will go much pictures, images, and if their of products, and then determine the following URL is not the company Web site, the company was  Paste the URL address bar of internet open letter.
4. google search initiative, ending a search preference before the initiative to change the 100 results per page. Like this can be beheld as a result, if a 10, it can only beheld 1000 results.
5. multi-language search
have said much the rest of the language used to search, but I still Initiative to search in English, then translated using translation software or website to translated into the English language, what we foreign language (except English) is not familiar.
unusual in your search, the search is like tomorrow customers in Germany, then the result of any search site will have much company in the German interface, then you put them in the product name in German interface pack consolidation in, hanging down on the accumulation of more.
6. hub of the word choice
give you two links can be the hub of the word you know how to put outside the front looked,
https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExter nal
http://inventory.overture.com/d/searchinventory/su ggestion /
to analyze words into their hub hub ranking and other word is good or bad!
7. B2B application methods:
B2B website following individual clients even though you was not much attention, but I think there is still a need looked at, and like a month looked announced are necessary, look for trade lead, find the customer company name, and then into the google search inside the company web site, find the mailbox.
initiative: to register SUPPLIERS, registered as a full member, at no cost, but government-run, 150 a month to check the world buyers, the following is simply an empty most users.
8. Yellow Pages application
European Yellow Pages, for example, the following initiatives do not send mail, go to the company web site find the mailbox, though time-consuming and troublesome, but can progress back letter, because the mailbox has changed much, but still much below the extension of national companies, like China, are: co., ltd, the United States, llc, etc., these are for the following search methods to prepare for.
9. suffix search methods, the suffix of each country name into the google search bar, then search with the product name, like: llc rubber sheet, a search, there will be much company Web site, and then find the mailbox through the web site.
customers to develop a good helper, passive customer development, we help you. 24 hours to help you get the globe to search customer information fully into, and ending effective was to promote
Contact: Gong Xuesheng
qq: (provides online demo)
Tel :025-87770437
mobile search engine with Confucianism leopard http://www.roboo.com

importers of chemical products

Venezuela seeking resins and similar chemicals
Subject: Resins and similar chemical products
We are a venezuelan companies importers of chemical products

like resins, we
would like to contact exporters of the above item, please
contact us directly.
—— ————< br />
Company Industrial Finishing Systems
President Antonio Borgu? o Fraile
Contact Lucas Lopez Vasquez
E-Mail finishing@intercable.net.ve
Phone 58-243-2454429
Fax 58-243-2454429
Country Venezuela
Address Urb. calicanto, Calle Coromoto, Edificio Cherry, oficina
Maracay, Edo. Aragua – Venezuela

Women True Religion Jeans Information About Online Importers Directory And Expor

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Customs and International Freight answer after-school English Lesson 13, 17

January 5, 2010
Lesson 13
Payment in International Trade
I. Tick those of the following statements which are true:
1. Bills of Exchange are used for foreign trade, (T)
2. The writer of a draft is the drawer. (T)
3 . The drawee gets credit by accepting the draft. (T)
4. The draft is accepted by the exporter. (F)
5. Accepting banks help finance foreign trade. (T)
6. When the exporters draw sight drafts the importers get no credit. (T)
7. Payment by documentary Bills is more risky for the exporters than the importers. (T)
8. A time draft is sometimes called a usance bill. (T)
9. Nothing happens if the importers dishonor the draft. (F)
10. An exporter usually accepts payment on clean draft collection. (F)
11. When an exporter is trading regularly with an importer, he will offer open account terms. (T)
12. Exporters always insist on payment by cash in advance when they are trading with old customers. (F)
IV. Find suitable words in the text to complete the following sentences:
1. It took ten years for the government to __fulfil___ its economic plan.
2. The export license has a few more week to have to __expire___ before we have to get another one.
3. If the importers __default___ the exporters got no money.
4. Before selling to a foreign company you should make sure they are financially _trustworthy____.
5. The __endorse___ of a draft makes it a negotiable instrument.
6. This _method____ of payment is not used very often. The buyers and sellers must trust each other.
7. Because it was _bankrupt____ the company could not pay the people who had supplied it with goods.
8 . The new government __banned___ all trade with several countries.
9. A large _sum____ of money has been wasted on the project.
10. Delays __in___ payment for the goods by the importers will result in a loss on the part of the exporters.
11. If the customers don pay the sellers will make a _loss____.
12. If a term draft is not honored at _maturity____, it will be noted and protested by a Notary Public (Notary Public), and represented to the drawee.
13. A draft is __made___ out by an exporter and presented to the importer, usually through a bank.
14. If a draft isn honored when it is due, it is noted and __protested___, and the drawee loses his good name.
V. Choose the best word to complete the sentence:
1. The importers had no money so the collecting bank had to _____ the bill. < br /> A. collect B. protest C. dishonored
2. We heard that the company had _____ several drafts so we decided not to deal with them.
A. presented B. protested C. dishonored < br /> 3. The Bill of Lading was endorsed in blank so the _____ name was not on it.
A. importers B. agent C. bank
4. When ordering goods by post, you have to send your _____ in advance.
A. money B. remittance C. order
5. They _____the bank to let the agent clear the goods.
A. told B. instructed C. ordered < br /> 6. The exporters were willing to grant 3 months credit so they draw a draft at 90 days after _____.< br /> A. payment B. dispatch C. sight
7. When obtaining payment by documentary Bills , exporters use a _____ bank.
A. collectingB. presentingC. accepting
8. The bank _____ the draft on behalf of the importers.
A. acceptedB. presentedC. drew
9. The bank _____ the draft on behalf of the exporters.
A. acceptedB. presentedC. drew

10. The importers had agreed to documents against _____ so the exporters drew a sight draft on them.
A. payment B. acceptance C. remittance
VII. Supply one suitable word for each space:
1. Every exporter has problems of getting _paid____. There are even risks of buyer _failure___ in rich countries. The importers might __go___ bankrupt or the government might not __allow___ the importers to buy the payment __money___. On the other hand there are __financial___ problems. The sellers need to be __paid___ in advance but buyers have no ___money__ and need credit. The sellers must __offer___ good terms, otherwise they will lose _important____ customers who will look for other __suppliers___. There are also problems caused by __exchange___ rates and changes of value of __the___ payment currency. If it falls, the __exporter___ loses money. Both sellers and buyers _need_____ to be sure that the other __side___ will fulfill their side of the __contract___. The exporters want to be paid ___in__ full at the right time and __the___ importers want the right goods delivered __on___ time. These problems can be solved __by___ the banks acting as advisers.
2. It is very convenient to collect _payment____ by documentary bills of exchange but _it____ is a bit risky for the __exporters___. They have to rely on the _customer____ honoring their drafts. If the exporters ___do__ not pay or accept the importers __draft___, the exporters cannot do anything _about____ it. They then have to pay _for____ storage and selling to someone else, _or____ even shipping the goods home. But __any___ importers who dishonor a draft may __lose___ business if other people think they _are____ unreliable. But usually the exporters find __out___ about the reliability of a customer _before____ agreeing to this kind of payment.

Lesson 17
Bill of Lading
III . Choose the best choice :
1. A number of small businesses consolidated to form a large group of companies.
A. Many small firms supported a large group of companies.
B. Many small companies made the larger one stronger.
C. Many small companies were combined into a large group.
2. This document is a commercial instrument.
A. This document is a tool of international trade.
B. This document is a method of conducting trade.
C. This document is a business document.
3. Foul bill of lading must be avoided at all costs.
A. We should try not to allow the Bill to become dirty.
B. We should certainly not allow Bills to have clauses written on them.
C. Foul Bills of Lading are better than anything else.
4. A bond is needed when the bill of lading cannot be availed of at the time of entry
of the imported commodities.
A. A bond is needed when the bill of lading is unavailable when the goods ar-
rive at the destination.
B. A bond is needed when the bill of lading arrives at the port of destination.
C. A bond is needed when the goods arrive at the destination id there is no bill
of lading at all.
5. In apparent good order and condition
A. The goods are in perfect condition.
B. The goods are all present and in correct order.
C. The goods appear to be undamaged and all present.
6. the actual condition of the consignment
A. the state she goods are really in
B. the state of the consignment on paper
C. “, The ideal condition of the consignment
7.The parties in the export contract need a document of title.What does this document show?
A.who buys the goods
B.who sells the goods
C.who owns the goods
8.Sometimes certain defects are unavoidable.
A. We often find it impossible to ship perfect consignments.
B. Nothing can be done about certain problems.
C. Usually consignments have things wrong with them.
9.When a shipping company carries cargoes for traders, what do the trader and shipping company need?
A.a note of carriage
B.a letter of carriage
C.a contract of carriage
10.When exporters send goods on board a ship, what do they need from the shipping company?
A.a receipt
B.A letter
C.a standard shipping note
IV . Fill in the gap with a suitable word in the text < / strong> .
1.Silence is __evidence___ of consent.
2.Unsigned copies of bill of lading are ___unacceptable__.
3.Although the goods were in their warehouse.the company had no _title____ to them.They were just storing them for their owners.
4. Authority is _power____ in the people.
5.Containers can be used in many ways. One of their most important _use____ is storage.
6.The shipping company must _endorse____ the Application for Special Stowage Order for anydangerous goods.
7.When the goods arrived we found the boxes broken in places.There was some
_evidence____ of bad handling.
8.In Islamic countries it is __legal____ for a man to have four wives.
9.The negotiable bill of lading is used to __transfer___ the goods from one owner to another.
10. “Check” is the American __equivalent___ of the British “cheque”.

VI. Number the following events in the right order :
a.The consignment is loaded aboard the ship. (3)
b.The shipper completes the Bill of Lading. (2)
c. The importer or their agents present the Bill of Lading to the shipping C0. (7)
d.The shipping C0.hands the consignment over to the agents in the importing country. (8)
e.The shippers get blank Bill of Lading forms from the shipping company. (1)
f.The shipping company sends the Bill of Lading to the exporters or their bank. (5)
g.The Bank sends the B / L to the importer (6)
h.The shipping C0.signs the B / L (4)
VII . Fill in the gaps with suitable words < / strong> :
The bill of Lading normally has __three ___ main functions. It is partly a _receipt__ for the goods signed by a __ship ___ officer and returned to the exporters. ___It__ also shows that there is a __contract___ of carriage between the exporters and ___shipping___ company. The Bill of Lading also __shows___ who the legal owner of the __goods___ is. After the goods have been __loaded___ several copies are signed by an __officer___ of the shipping company and returned __to___ the exporters. A copy is kept __for___ the ship. The exporters send their _copy____ totheir bank which sends it _with____ the other shipping documents to the _importer ____ bank in return for payment. It _is____ important to make sure that the _goods____ are loaded into the ship in __good___ order and condition. Any damage or _losses____ will be noted on the Bill __by___ a ship officer so the Bill __will___ not be a “clean Bill of _lading____”. Claused Bills of Lading are not __accepted___ by paying banks unless specific clauses _have____ definitely been agreed by the customers. _after____ the paying bank has accepted the ___shipping__ documents, they forward them by air __to___ the customers who use them to ___prove__ they are owners of the ___goods__ and take delivery of the consignment __at___ the docks. The shipping company can ___compare__ the negotiable bill of Lading of __the___ importers with the carbon copy they ___have__ on the ship. If the importers ___want__ to sell the goods immediately to __a___ buyer they ask the exporters to __endore___ the Bill “to order” and leave __complete___ consignee space on the Bill blank , __so___ that the importers can transfer the _goods____ to their customers by writing their _customer ____ name and address on the Bill __and___ signing it.
IX.Translate the following into English
China Foreign Trade Transportation Group ( China Sinotrans Group) was established in December 8, 1933, China Sinotrans Group is a transportation-based, transport and trade, transportation engineering, transportation and technology are combined and the implementation of cross-sectoral, regional, transnational economic entity, is a professional, multi-functional, integrated conglomerates.
China Sinotrans Group, business scope includes: various types of non-traded goods import and export trade and maritime transport, and road transport, road transport, sea and air transport, multimodal transport, charter operators, shipping lines, shipping agents, container leasing, warehousing, bonded warehouse, or material transfer and distribution, import and export trade, labor export, project contracting, and production of domestic and foreign investment, finance, insurance, tourism, advertising, real estate development, information consulting services, and has a sizable fleet of self. Sinotrans Group and China on the world more than l50 countries and regions more than 400 freight forwarders, shipping agents, charter and shipping companies to establish business contacts, has formed a complete, advanced foreign trade transportation network.
China National Foreign Trade Transportation Group (SINO-TRANS) was established on Dec.8, 1993. Sinotran is a specialized comprehensive foreign trade transportation corporation enterprise engaged in cross border and regional transportation as well as foreign trade, industry and technology business.
The business scope of Sinotrans includes: transportation of commercial and non-commercial goods by sea, rail, road, air and multimodal ways, chartering, liner service, ship management, ship agent, container leasing and warehousing, bonded warehousing, distribution, import and export trade, labor export, contract projects, domestic and overseas production investment, finance, insurance, travel agency, advertising, real estate development, information consultancy and a sizeable Sinotrans-owned fleet. Sino-trans has established business relationship with more than 400 freight forwarders, ship agents, chartering brokers and shipping companies, thus forming a complete advanced foreign trade transportation network.
Taking advantage of its global network, Sinotrans will provide all its clients with quality service on the principle of safety, promptness, accuracy, economy and expediency.

[Recommended] member how to search foreign trade products, how to search the customer skills

April 18, 2011
cross -5 15, anti 1 ~ 3
rigged slightly lower, not him.
2 star: Dolphin fan large cannon improved door enhanced bridle rope
range: 20 to 40 resistance, 20 to 30 cross-resistance 3 to 5, turn 2 ~ 4
flat often, all the intermediate values.
3 star: Dolphin fan large cannon improved door enhanced bridle rope
range: 20 to 40 resistance, 20 to 30 cross-resistance 3 to 5, turn 2 ~ 4
and 2, when the results of exactly the same star.
4 star: Improved large spinnaker door large artillery commander of the mast tower monitor units (Watch block)
range: 45 to 65 vertical and horizontal -5 15, turn 2 ~ 4
see the results when I Dailiaoyixia, did not change how it feels rigged, before turning back to the record, I had a go, cruel.
5 star: Dolphin fan door large-scale improvement of large guns enhanced mast rope
range: 20 to 40 resistance, 15 to 25 vertical, horizontal 35 to 55, anti 3 ~ 5
# An ancient house HomeForever
husband Jen, who safe house also! Source citation country and language translation table – Foreign search
Note the use of global search and national search for the following keywords:
Method 1: Importers method
< br /> How-to: Enter the product name in Google importers.
example: laopo importers Tips: You can replace with the importer importers
way to add 2 words quotes
methods of operation: search for “product name of the importer “or” Product Name importers “, along with the quotation marks when typing the input.
Method 3 Distributor method
methods of operation: Search Product Name Distributor
Method 4 other types of target customers search

How-to: Product Name other types of customers (related to target words in addition to importer, distributor, including buyer, company, wholesaler, retailer, supplier, vendor and its plural form the most effective weight loss drug)
< br /> Method 5 Price method
methods of operation: search Price Product Name
method 6 buy method
methods of operation: search buy Name < br />
way to approach 7 restricted country name
How: In the previous six methods, based on the name to join the national limit
Method 8 related Products Act < br />
methods of operation: Product Name Product Name associated
method 9 market research methods
methods of operation: Product Name market research
< br /> methods well-known buyers Act 10
methods of operation: Product Name you inside the industry leading buyers of short or full name
I used the following method to find a lot of Buy our products and buyers contact.
1. Input: We are looking for xxxxxxx,
2. Input: I want to buy xxxxx, we want to buy xxxxxx
3. Input: We are looking for a supplier of xxxxxxx.
4. Input: We are a distributor of xxxxxxx
5 Enter: We are interested in xxx, We are interested in purchasing xxxx, We are interested in buying xxxxx, We are interested in importing xxxx, We are interested in importing xxxx from China.
6. Input: Distributors of xxxx, dealers of xxxx, importers of xxx, trading company of xxxx,
7. Input: xxxx distributors email, xxxxx importers email, xxxxx email name of the country
8. Input: xxxxx wholesaler email
9. Input: xxx manufacturer, if it is to do accessories, you can find many manufacturers.
Citation source of foreign workers to search products, how customers search techniques – search a trade, diet pills recommended product name (Products name) public mailbox name suffix 1) products generic mail suffix such as: ball valve@hotmail.com, ball valve @ gmail.com, ball valve@aol.com, ball valve@yahoo.com 2) national product Yahoo mail suffix: @ yahoo.co.jp, @ yahoo.com.cn, such as www.yahoo.co.jp input “ball valve@yahoo.co.jp” or “ボ ブ メ ー ー Hikaru Information found Hikaru Hikaru” (ball valve email) products Live national mail suffix, @ live.cn as www.Live.cn input “Ball email” 3) Google version of the national search, for example, Google.cn enter “Ball Email” 4) Product Name Product Name importers email distributors email wholesaler email product name product name product name buyer email supplier email email can also be used instead of 5! ) product Regional Public-mail suffix or “Product buy region-mail” American: @ netzero.net, @ twcny.rr.com, @ comcast.net, @ warwick.n et, @ cs.com, @ verizon.net; Germany @ t-online.de, @ multi-industrie.de; France: @ wannado.fr, @ mindspring.com, @ excite.com, @ club-inte rnet.fr; Japan @ yahoo.co.jp, @ candel . co.jp; UK @ cwgsy.net, @ btinternet.com, @ sltnet.lk; India @ wilnetonline.net @ cal3.vsnl.net.in @ rediffmail.com @ sancharnet.in @ vsnl.com @ del3.vsnl . net.in New Zealand @ xtra.co.nz Hong Kong, Russia @ yandex.ru @ mail.ru @ hongkong.com @ ctimail.com @ hknet.com @ biznetvigator.com @ netvigator.com @ mail.hk.com @ swe. com.h
lumbered with that name web of life and death. What is the best diet pills
this release without Ming empty. Life and death did not have to clear also. To life and death is the fans in the reverse. Things feel after a dream in the air. To the birth and it raw. No Miegu off. Air China off if no fixed place.
Shannan Zi. Tathagata due to repair Yuanjue those. Known to be empty Chinese. That is, without rotation. He has no physical or mental harm life and death. Make it non-free. Nature of reason.
the show this wonderful epiphany door. Significantly according to the power circle. The only known word. Practice due to the so-called Buddhas. CD to Yuanjue bright self-nature. Round according to the body from the mortal heart. A study of the known physical world. If an empty Chinese. Did not have. Gordon is off life and death moment. To empty it of the physical and mental. There is no person by the life and death. This non-pretentious and then nothing. Special reason for this is also from the meta.
who he perceived as empty. Those who know that empty void with China. Also can not say no perceptual. All without removal. Is then called Jingjue Suishun.
This brush can be treated by the track. Perishable equal to what was bent round the net according to the wisdom of sleep also. Yun He percipient. Sounds of China means the knowledge is empty. According to the so-called round. There is a self-nature of the Zhiguang. In order to license the intellectual. According to those words refer to the realm. Phase of sleep that is clean. If the void is the metaphor of the body according to the feel. The so-called clean body of law. If still empty. Weici feel the body. Although this has. To be no clear vasospasm. Never knew it. Jin Zhang Zhiguang a photo. No broken Minton. Body present life. The scrape of life and death. Dayton-off moment. China is the so-called knowledge is empty. That is, without rotation. This particular photo was active also intellectual. Those who know the void. This person word. Represents the energy according to the intellectual. Means according to the beginning of the intellectual confusion. Intellectual confusion off is not kept. However, according to both the lonely. If the deposit can be according to the known. Still is not clear. Therefore subject to removal of the. Gu Yun who know the void. China relative to the air. This is to forget the double. Ji Zhao Fuji. Only if this wisdom. According to an independent body. Gu Yun also can not say no perceptual. Until the mind can forget all two Min. Gu Yun Ju whether removal. This is a co-mortal heart. Gu Yun is then called Jingjue Suishun. Article down. Net cloud Suishun should feel. Cloud is also the former prime Suishun.
why it is. Void of it. Often does not move it. Tathagatagarbha is no play Miegu. Ignorance see it. Such as the Dharma Realm of. How successful Bian Shifang it. Is then called by the law of the line.
This sign interpretation of the body according to mortal heart. Was never to be really heavy. Phase is also to show clean feel. Why should the Lord can be heavy brush removal. Perishable would like to empty the heart of the body. Resident does not move. This was also empty. Although the physical and mental life and death that now. If the Chinese have been empty. No to Tathagatagarbha from Miegu. Can not see to know it. This was also false. Such as those that also. Said that the Dharma Realm of. What successful. Zhou Bian Shifang it. This was also. The real heart of the actual Miaojue out. Tathagata due to the most important matter only.
Buddha so. In the Mahayana. Hair clean heart. End of the world beings. So practice. Do not fall view arises.
the heart and the Buddha. When thus made. True result. Beings and so the repair. Was positive line. It does not fall view arises. This knot Q yi.
Er Shi Blessed One. To re-declare the meaning. And say Jiyan.
Monju Rudang known to all as a result from this
begin to feel the wisdom of knowing that he was not as empty
China is able to Free flow and if not available when the dreamer awake
enlightened equality does not move as empty circles turn feel Bian Shifang
Buddha said that public disillusionment with nowhere to get into the Road
nor was the nature of this successful it is in the Buddha can Bodhicitta
end of the world all living beings free repair this view arises
Jisong on it. Whether the strategy is widely known.
so. Samantabhadra. In the general population. Starting from the seat. Buddha full prostration. Right around the Sanza. Changgui Chashou. The white Buddha.
Please Act shred of dignity.
Compassion Buddha. Ready to be Bodhisattvas congregation. And repair of all sentient beings for the end of the world who Mahayana. Hearing this Yuanjue clean state. Yunhe practice. Blessed Ruobi beings. Those who know illusory. Also physical and mental magic. Yunhe to repair magic in magic also. Ruozhuhuanxing all Jinmie. No determined. Who practice. Yunhe complex that practice illusory. If all living beings. This is not practice. In life and death. Habitual residence illusion. Was not known illusory realm. Yunhe relief so delusional mind. End of the world is willing to all sentient beings. For any convenience. Gradually to attend. Yong Li Zhu magic that all living beings.
this Fugen Tuas. Heard before the opening show. Chase track suspicious. It is also especially easy to start your practice. Known to be empty before the Buddha by the Chinese is not rotation. He has no physical or mental harm life and death. This is a read epiphany. Dayton moment of life and death. Practice is not fake. Much less convenient. This path is too court. On the non-root people. Can not comprehend. But since the end of the world beings. On the roots are small. If false practice. Becomes aware will be difficult. If false convenient. Can not build and repair. So the first question practice. Gradually in order to facilitate the law also. If you know that China is no rotation is empty. However, Air China is Huanwang also. If there is vertical beings. Illusory body and mind were kept in the dark. If knowledge is magic. Knower of the body and mind, this is magic carry on. Yunhe to repair in the Magic Magic also Jesus. This suspect also. If you know the magic both off. You can get the magic is also off carry on. So that all can destroy. No determined to carry on. And practice of the people Who Jesus. Yunhe complex that practice illusory. The two suspects also. If all living beings. This practice is not fake. This is life and death in the. Habitual residence illusion. Was not known illusory realm. Is the delusional mind that Jesus yun relief. The three suspects also. So does the Tathagata. Would like to say that the practice of the convenience. Yong Li Zhu magic beings are in season. It down Blessed answer. Magic heart to all beings. Also by disillusionment. May wish to repair magic magic. For the answer. Do all vanish. Feel the heart does not move. Does not enter extinguished. For the two answer. Zhihuanjili. Nor convenient. Away from the magic that is felt. Nor gradually. Three answer. However, through the release into the repair before the Dayton Chapter epiphany meaning.
as a language has. Five-body cast. The case of three please. The end being undone.
find this method of classification of Ken Masaya.
[original] small diesel engine 2010-2013 panoramic China research and investment advisory report
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